What's My Home Selling System?

Discover the Difference a Full - Service Agent Makes!

Simply putting a sign on the lawn and hoping a home sells doesn’t result in top dollar for sellers ever!

Instead, you need to prepare the home first and then show case it using professional photographers, stagers, lawn care workers, painters, home repair professionals, plumbers and more, just to help get your home the kind of attention that will ensure your home sells for the most profits possible.

Problem is, with so many cooks in the kitchen and so much work to do, it creates a massive To-Do List that can be extremely stressful, especially when life is busy enough without adding selling a home on top of it – that's where I come in.

It's my job to create that To-Do list, then take care of it all for you from top to bottom, so you never have to lift a finger. This is why The Real Estate Ramani Team has developed a Full - Service Approach.

For a full look at everything we provide when you sell with us and some special bonuses you can only get as one of my clients, read on.

It Starts with the Little Things.

We don't just support you on the public-facing front-end, but on the back-end as well. Before even listing your home for sale our team is designing “coming soon” marketing material showcasing your home and make sure the home gets maximum exposure enabling us to negotiate the highest profits for our clients.

All of the support I receive from my team on the back-end, gives me the freedom to focus on what I do best. The high-impact tasks that matter: finding a buyer and negotiating the highest price.

50-Point Pre-Listing Checklist

Buyers have a tendency to only remember the negative when they walk through a home, but I will make sure they have only positive feedback about yours. For every home I list, I'm going through it with the mind of a buyer – right there with you – marking down everything we can do to make your home absolutely neg-proof for anyone who tours it so nothing is overlooked. This means cleaning the appliances, enhancing curb appeal, fixing cracked toilet seats, patching up leaks, replacing cracked windows and torn screen doors and putting sliding doors back on their tracks, just to name a few.

This isn't about spending thousands of dollars to fix your home. I'm taking about spending maybe $1,000, but that thousand goes a long way to enhancing the appeal of your home and a lot of times you'll find me helping out. I love getting my hands dirty and doing anything I can to help your home standout for potential buyers.

Staging, cleaning and packing

Our system really kicks into high gear with our staging. We're going to do all the repairs, all the painting, all the lawn care, all the listing photography and everything else necessary to get your home ready for sale. However, I know it's unfair expecting you to de-clutter your house on short notice, so we also give you all the boxes and packing materials you need with plenty of time to spare before photographers arrive.

Once the touch-ups and decluttering are completed we have your home professional cleaned, just before the photographers come in, in order to show case your home in its best possible state without putting the pressure on you.

Getting the word out

Once your home is ready to go public, I blanket the area with flyers. However, these aren't just flyers that let people know the home is for sale. These flyers are strategically targeted at those who own homes in your price range and those areas that have a high turnover when it comes to properties, so they're more likely to want to buy your home. I also make sure I invite all the neighbours, so potential buyers see lots of competition, which ensures higher offers at a faster rate.

Attracting International Interest

Toronto is the most diverse city in the world, so to only focus on one cultural community would be a huge mistake. This is why I have an aggressive separate marketing strategy for targeting those ethnic communities who love to buy real estate and I take into account those cultural considerations, such as lucky numbers, that can make or break whether they want to write an offer on your property.

Highlighting Amenities in Your Neighbourhood

As part of the feature sheet for your listing, we highlight all the amenities in your neighbourhood, including schools, transit, safety features, conveniences and all the parks and recreation facilities, so that a buyer will have all the information they need and be even more likely to choose your home.

Email, Text and Voice Blasts

Everyone in the neighbourhood and surrounding area receives a recorded phone call notifying them of your home hitting the market, which is immediately followed by a text in case they missed the call.

Unbranded Social Media Marketing

I'm constantly running social media ads all over the world, so I always have a list of potential international buyers that are already interested in homes like yours and since it's unbranded, they're more likely to click on my ads than they would be with other agents. Plus, you are among a number of other similar listings, so not only am I giving your home maximum exposure, but I'm also providing buyers with a number of listings to make their home search easier, which makes them more amenable to my marketing over other agents. This is especially true because these buyers are most likely just starting to look, so they usually don't have agents yet.

Buyer Feedback

72% of clients are dissatisfied with their agents once the deal is done due to poor communication, which is why our team calls you every week your home is on the market with buyer feedback. Listed or not, we also send you a look at the listed competition, what other homes have sold for in your area and information on other market influences like mortgage rates or new real estate rules. This is so you're always in the loop and we're able to guide you through every move and decision. All of this is on top of the text messages, phone calls and WhatsApp messages we'll always be sending you.

Fast, Easy and for Top Dollar

When you use our home selling system, it can greatly speed up the process of selling and ensures top dollar, and here is why:

  • Home shoppers will be impressed and are more likely to make an offer at the highest price.
  • Your home outshines the competition.
  • You enjoy the benefits of "curb appeal" and this makes people want to see what's inside your home.
  • Once you list your home with us, your job is basically done and ours is just beginning!

Professional Negotiations

Sellers, should you accept the first offer on your property? Buyers, are you making an offer which is likely to be accepted? With an experienced negotiator in your corner, you are in a position to get the best possible deal.

Let Us Show You the Way

We know many ways to make your home sell faster and for top dollar. For example, did you know something as simple as cleaning your front door and installing new hardware can make the difference between selling and a "no sale"? Your front door is the entryway to your home and it if looks shoddy and unkempt, everyone will assume the entire house is in the same condition. This is only one way we can help your home sell fast.

Complete Services

We are here to find you the right home and for the right price. And just because you accept a purchase offer on your home doesn't mean our job is done. We help you through the entire closing process and even after you have moved.

We are always available.

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