I caught the real estate bug back in 2007 when I obtained my license. My journey into real estate began when family and friends sought my advice, and I relished helping them. This led me to become a sales representative for RE/MAX West Realty Inc. in June 2014, with a mission to extend exceptional service to more people.
In an industry where it's easy to become an agent, I wanted to eliminate the guesswork by offering a Full-Service Approach. We take pride in taking the stress out of the entire real estate process, offering services such as property preparation, home staging, marketing, and negotiation.
For sellers, we go the extra mile by handling tasks like painting, repairs, and even delivering moving boxes. Our marketing strategies encompass traditional and online channels, ensuring your listing reaches serious buyers. With our approach, your home's value is maximized.
As a buyer, you'll have my continuous support. We keep you updated with the latest listings and offer a First-Time Buyer Package. For experienced buyers, we provide financing guidance and expert negotiation to secure the best deal.
Our Full-Service Solution encompasses every aspect of your real estate transaction, making it our responsibility from start to finish. We prioritize empathy, passion, and dedication to maximize profits and build lasting relationships.
Home Preparation is a key element; we understand that you might not have the time, so we provide all the services required to ensure you receive top dollar for your home.  A few examples include staging consultations, cosmetic improvements, and even moving assistance; contact us for a full list of services.
Advertising and Marketing are comprehensive, including professional photography, online and print media exposure, and social media marketing. We ensure your listing gets maximum visibility.
Additional Benefits include access to my team, competitive rates, market analysis, and exceptional services. We aim for award-winning results and make the process of selling your home easy.
If your house isn't ready to sell yet, that's perfectly fine. Contact Ramani Real Estate at 416-890-3226 to discover how selling your home can be a smooth and stress-free experience.

Seller Services

When it comes to selling your home, my team and I will move heaven and earth to get your home ready for sale to attract the highest paying potential buyers, while making sure you are never overwhelmed.

Our full-service approach means do not be surprised if members of my team or I personally give your walls a fresh coat of paint, repair your running toilet or cut your grass for maximum curb appeal.  Those are just a few of the many services we offer.

My team and I are never afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty for our sellers. After all, we are already willing to sacrifice our profits, so sacrificing our time and energy is no problem. We even take care of the small details like delivering your moving boxes to you because we know you have better things to do.

While we are whipping your home into shape inside, I'm blasting potential buyer's outside by combining the most effective strategies in both traditional and online marketing.

Serious buyers will know about your listing as soon as it hits the market through social media, subscription e-mail, automated text and phone messaging, newspaper ads in international communities and targeted flyers in your neighbourhood.

But that’s only the beginning of how our approach can maximize your profits.  With our full-service approach, your home is worth more than you think.

Buyer Services

As a buyer, know that I will never leave your side. I pride myself on always keeping regular and 100% open dialogue with clients. Ramani Real Estate is with you every step of the way, sending you new, up-to-the-minute listings within your price range and desired neighbourhood 24/7.

If you are new to purchasing a home, ask us about our First-time Buyer Package. It outlines all you need to know, from government first-time buyer perks to financing and our Home Hunter system to ensure you never miss out on the perfect home. You can also ask me to send you a free report detailing homes for sale right now in your area and within your desired price range.

If you’re not a first-time buyer, I can refer you to financing options and walk you through the right conditions for making an offer and what it should be. For example, with banks becoming stricter with their financing standards, being pre-approved for a certain amount of money and the bank appraising your home for a certain amount of money are two different things. We don't want you to be stuck being approved for one amount but recommended for a lesser amount, so we make sure we submit financing and appraisal conditions with our offers where appropriate, and we will walk you through all the details and small print.

My strategies for finding a home for the best price in your desired area with many of the features you are looking for are wide-ranging and extremely comprehensive. My team works to cast a wide net to find just what you are looking for and negotiating fervently on your behalf to get you the best price. To ensure that I am working in your best interest, if I don’t negotiate at least $10,000 off the purchase price, I will give you $1000 in cash on closing.* I will sit with you to go over your closing needs, review all the paperwork and will work with you right up until you get the keys and are satisfied with your purchase.

Even then, I strive to maintain lasting relationships and even friendships with my clients. If you need anything at any time while living in your home, I am only a phone call away. Plus, when the time comes to move again, I'm happy to join you on your real estate journey once more – as many times as you will have me.

*contact Imraz directly for full details.

Full Service Solution

Our confidence in our process comes from our full-service approach.  The pride in our system motivates us to put our best foot forward on all fronts to ensure the highest price possible for our sellers.

I know how difficult and stressful buying or selling a home can be. Therefore, from the moment you decide to work with me, my team and I will be there for you. We will take care of everything from preparing your home inside and out, marketing it to both local and international buyers, and negotiating relentlessly on your behalf.

As soon as you choose to work with me, your life's most important transaction becomes my full responsibility in all aspects. I rarely use the hard sell approach; I've mastered a  new style of negotiating.  Instead, I utilize my empathy, passion and dedication to ensure I achieve the highest profits for my clients who place their trust in me to be with them throughout all of their real estate transactions. If there is anything you need, which I have not listed, do not hesitate to ask. We are here to accommodate you and in turn, grow from learning of additional requirements you may have and need assistance from us.

Home Preparation

Most real estate agents expect your home to be ready to list before contacting them but at Ramani Real Estate we understand you most don’t have the time to prepare your home for listing and that’s where we come to help.  The first thing is, I will personally come visit your home and walk around the property with you making a list of suggestions and discussing the pros and cons, mostly cost vs profit!  Given current market trends, the right cosmetic improvement can trigger high emotions and that’s where an experienced advisor makes a difference.  As soon as you chose to work with me a partnership forms.  I respect that this is your home and you’ve created memories, put blood, sweat and equity in it but once you decide to work with us, it becomes a product under the Ramani umbrella and because of our full-service approach this enables us to help maximize profits for our clients and stand proud behind our product.

Ramani Real Estate understands you may not have the time to prepare your home for listing and we are here to help. Here are some of the many services you receive:

✓Home staging consultation

✓Curb appeal suggestions

✓Interior cosmetic improvements and suggestions

✓ Free walkthrough with our designer

✓ Free surefire selling tips and tricks

✓Tradesmen on call for repairs and improvements

✓ De-cluttering and storage while your home is on the market

✓Free professional home cleaning

✓Moving and packing staff can help with de-cluttering

✓Trash pickup service

Advertising and Marketing

Once your home is ready, you will have professional assistance listing and marketing your home.

They will provide you with any of the following:

✓ 24/7 advertising until your home sells

✓ Full-colour ads with images produced by a professional photographer.

✓ Your ads appear in print media like newspapers, magazines, flyers, feature sheets, and open house announcements.

✓ Digital media marketing - includes website ads where millions of potential home buyers can see your house.

✓ E-blast advertising

✓ You receive a personal address website and listings on Craigslist and Kijiji.

✓ Online virtual tours when possible

✓ Social media exposure

✓ Voice blast

✓ Text blast

✓ A 1-800 number where potential buyers don't have to talk to an agent 24/7

✓ International markets

✓ Buyer profile system to target buyers without agents.

Additional Benefits

✓Access to my team  For the same price of a solo agent, you get an entire team!

✓ Finding many buyers and negotiating the highest price for you

✓ Market analysis: renovations vs returns


✓Competitive rates

✓Exceptional services

​✓Award-winning results

If you need to sell and the house isn't ready yet, that is OK.

Call Ramani Real Estate today at 416-890-3226 to find out how easy the process of selling a home can be.

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